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The {Soft & Dreamy} Collection for Photoshop CC


Image of The {Soft & Dreamy} Collection for Photoshop CC
  • Image of The {Soft & Dreamy} Collection for Photoshop CC

**This action set is for Photoshop (CC ONLY (Creative Cloud) ) users , please be sure that you are purchasing the correct set for your desired software, due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds will be given.**

"The Soft and Dreamy" Action Collection is geared towards Newborns and comes with 33 Actions, some with variations of the same to fit your unique style. There are 30 color Actions with a focus on Newborn Skin tones and 3 B&W Actions. As always, all of them are cleverly named based off of the result you will get so there is no "guessing" on what it will do or what it can be used for. **This set pairs GREAT with the Finishing Actions available in the shop!!! {Make it Pop, And Mahogany are in the separate Finishing action set.}**

****When you using the Action set, you may adjust the overall opacity of the action on your images for your desired look! You can also mask off the actions. You can layer the actions and make mixes of your own.****

Soft and Backlit
Soft and Backlit + Matte
Soft and Bye Bye Jaundice
Soft and Bye Bye Jaundice + Matte
Soft and Clear + Deep Matte
Soft and Clear
Soft and Cooled Highlights
Soft and Cooled Highlights + Deep Matte
Soft and Cooled Highlights + Deep Matte + Deep Blacks
Soft and Creamy Warm Light
Soft and Creamy Warm Light + Brighter
Soft and Creamy Warm Light + Matte
Soft and Dark Matte (works great on dark backdrops)
Soft and Earthy
Soft and Earthy + Deep Matte
Soft and Film (drop exp)
Soft and Film + Deep Matte
Soft and Magenta Boost
Soft and Magenta Boost + Deep Matte
Soft and Peachy
Soft and Peachy + Deep Matte
Soft and Pinked Up
Soft and Pinked Up + Matte
Soft and Simple
Soft and Simple + Matte
Soft and Simple + Less Yellow
Soft and Subdued
Soft and Sweet (great on pink)
Soft and Warm
Soft and Warm + Less Orange

Soft and Black & White
Soft and Black & White + Vignette
Soft and Black & White + Moody

After your purchase, an email will be sent to you with a download link. You will receive a zip file containing the Actions and a Text File with links to the Private Facebook Group.

***MY PROMISE TO YOU***: If you cannot get the presets to look right on your images after watching the video, I will have you send me 1-3 RAW files from your own work and I WILL MAKE THE ADJUSTMENTS FOR YOU and send you the adjustments in a NEW customized preset to your work. This is a ONE TIME offer and meant to teach you how to apply presets to your work. Hopefully, you won't need that and the videos will work for you. My contact info is in the text file included in the zip file.

***Thank you to Christina Mae Photography for use of their images!***



Permission is hereby granted, as purchased, to any person purchasing
a copy of the Presets/Actions, to use, study, and modify for personal/business use. However, you MAY NOT redistribute, and sell modified and unmodified copies of the Preset(s).